Classical Dance

Classical Dance :


India’s Dance Tradition consists of classical and non-classical form. Natya Shastra, the oldest text talks about the olden days of the Drama [theatre], where the dancers would mime the story while the singers would sing the dialogue and the Instrumentalists would accompany them and in which the dancers occupied a central position. The Dancers performed regularly at the temples and hence there was a religious rasa to their Dance. Today many of the Traditional Dance are mythological in nature.

As time passed era after era the dance forms have added their own colour to the ancient classical tradition. Today, classical styles are: Bharatnatyam of Tamil Nadu,

Kathakali of Kerala, Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh, Manipuri of Northeast India, Orissi from Orissa, and Kathak from north India and Pakistan has a strong regional connection. India also has a very rich tradition of folk and tribal dances as well. The variety and richness of such forms nearly defies description.


    -  Bharat Natyam - Classical Dance from Tamil Nadu.
    -  Kathak - Classical dance from Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    -  Kuchipudi - Classical dance from Andhra Pradesh.
    -  Kathakali - Traditional dance from Kerala.
    -  Manipuri - Traditional dance from Manipur and N.E. India.
    -  Odissi - Traditional dance from the E. Indian state of Orissa.


    -  MohiniAttam - Traditional dance from Kerala.
    -  Andhra Natyam - Traditional dance from Andhra Pradesh.
    -  Folk Dance - Overview of Indian folk dances.

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