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Pt Dinkar Kaikini (1927 – 2010) He was a gifted musician – outstanding performer, a dedicated teacher and an ingenious composer who carried a charisma of his own. He portrayed a beautiful synthesis of the elements of purism and romanticism in his versatile singing. Panditji was also known for his remarkable collection of self composed ragas like Guna – Ranjani, Bhoopavali, Khemdhwani and Bayati. At the tender age of seven, Pandit Dinkar Kaikini attended a concert that would forever change his life. He had the rare opportunity of hearing three greats of a Golden Age in Hindustani Sangeet Ustad Alladiya Khan Saheb, Ustad Faiyaaz Khan Saheb and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. Upon hearing Ustad Faiyaaz Khan, as a young boy Dinkarji knew that he must devote his life to this art form and that he would sing like

none other than Faiyaaz Khan Saheb himself. This began a lifelong journey dedicated to the mastery, propagation and furthering of Hindustani Raagsangeet. His musical personality was largely moulded by his training in Lucknow under S. N. Ratanjankarji. His performing career had flourished and received the highest honors throughout India and Abroad. In India, he has been awarded the Sangeet NatakAcdemy, Award, The Tansen Award, SangeetRatna (SwarSadhanaSamiti, Mumbai), Sharangdev Award (Sur SingarSamsad), ITC Award just to name a few.

He had toured internationally, including the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. He has served as an ambassador for Hindustani music, not only as a performing musician but also as an educator. In 1974, he was selected by the Government of India to represent the Hindustani Classical Music Tradition in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and East Germany where he gave performances and lecture demonstrations at Universities and cultural centres. He gave a second similar tour in the US performing extensively in the academic communities.

Panditji’s career as a musician is a testament to his limitless creativity: it exhibits a profound verstatiluty and commitment to the art. In addition to his thriving performance career, he has held very prominiene positions in the music field. In Delhi, he held the post of Producer for All India Radio and Assistant Director for the Directorate Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This was followed by his long tenure as Principal at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s “Sangeetaur Nartan Shikshapeeth” (Music and Dance School), Mumbai.

As Principal, Panditji furthered his longcstanding belied in promoting music through education and awareness. His compositions has also been pioneering, he has composed for large choruses and set music for films and the ballet production “Discovery of India” with Pandit Ravi Shankar. Singer, composer and Guru of Agra-Bhatkhade tradition, Pt.Dinkar Kaikini was fondly known as ‘Dinarang’.

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