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About Swar Sudha Trust :

About Swar Sudha

Swar Sudha Trust has started with a vision to promote Traditional Indian Music and Dance across globally. We intend to create bridge for young talented artist to showcase their talent along with reputed established artists Also we intend to create opportunities from local to international platforms by synergizing with other organization moving towards the vision of promoting Traditional Indian Music and Dance through the exchange program. Establishing the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara by way of building a residential Gurukul is our mission for the coming years.

Swar Sudha Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated for the up-liftment and promotionof Indian Music and Dance by way of encouraging its participants through concerts, baithaks, lecture demonstrations, workshops, taalim sessions, audio video session, interactive sessions with eminent musicians.

The organization is based in Vashi (Navi Mumbai) , India which is formed under the Thane Region having registration no E 9603/T and has applied for the 80G tax exemption. The organization has been formed with blessings of our Gurus "Pandit Dinkar Kaikini Ji", "Pandit Narayanrao Bodas Ji" and "Pandit T.L. Raju Ji" and has been handled successfully by "Shri Prashant Mahale" and "Shri Swaroop Kumar".

Swar Sudha Trust also believes in propagating the traditional values of learning Guru Shishya Parampara and hence Shri Swaroop Kumar a vocalist has been conducting his taalim (gayaki) through the Guru Shishya Parampara from Vashi (Navi Mumbai).

The organization believes that the flow of cultural movement is through cultural exchange programmes at each and every level be it area, region, state , country and globally hence conducting concerts at different venues and levels are a must hence we have started tie ups with organizations which have the same ideals and values.

Promoting students pursuing Indian Classical Music by providing financial assistance which the organization has been doing under the Dinaraj Scholarship is an opportunity which is helping many. Finding new talents by conducting Competition is another future activity.

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Swar Sudha Trust
Dwaraka CHS Flat No: 6, Plot No : 31,
Sector 9A, Behind Vashi Bus Depot,
Vashi, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400703.
Phone:   +91-9820163146
Email: info@swarsudha.org
Link: www.swarsudha.org

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